Something that is proper nasty, mainly used when talkin about girls or gashes
Menzies: "Cuz did u see that girl?"

Calum: "yeh man! proper grim!"

Menzies: "Innit rude boi"
by Chris Menzies June 06, 2006
refers to an ugly chick, or any other unpleasant or tedious task. used colloquially, one could say "let's get grim," or "let's grim up." used in this sense, the whole phrase could be used in a situation where you have to fuck an ugly chick, otherwise known as "man up and do it, pussy." It could also be applied to doing any unpleasant or tedious task or simply getting serious about a task.
"i need to grim up and do this chick."
"let's grim up and finish this project."
"hahahaha, good joke. but let's get grim and do this."
by Mohungus January 03, 2006
synonymous with revolting, disgusting, ugly, gross..
Man did you see that girl, she was grim.

Someone hasn't flushed the toilet for weeks, it is grim in there.
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
A new school word for cool.
Yo, those fucking Air Twos are grim as shit, son.
by JayR June 20, 2004
The name of a strange and very shizophrenic dude with a very big profile neurosis; mostly appearing in internet chatrooms and talking nonstop nonsense while listening to total absurd music.
"Hi, it's me, Grim." - "Oh, no, the bullshit goes on again, go away!!"
by grim13 April 11, 2005
Something awful
That is so grim ,
Ew that is really grim,
Aww that was so cringy it was really grim.
by Dublinyupyup April 17, 2016

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