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Backing off from a prearranged 50/50 gamble, a "flip", in an unfair way upon realizing that your chance of winning the flip is below 50%.
A: 100$ flip anyone? All-in regardless of cards
B: Agreed
B: Gets dealt King of Spades, 9 of Clubs
A: Gets dealt 5 of Hearts, 2 of Spades
B: Raises to 100$ and is all-in
A: Folds
B: Huh?
A: Uhh, bad connection
B: Dishonest bastard... Brb making sure everyone knows you're a grimming cheater
by Asdf69-666 August 15, 2009
Making a large bet in HSNL poker, with a dominated hand, which is technically defunct based on the most basic of probabilities.

Lol - I knew teh fish was Grimming it, so I called with middle pair. Ship teh 5k holla.
by bbv4life November 07, 2006

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