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The condition of having an unnaturally tan penis in relation to the rest of your body. This is commonly caused by excessive masterbation.
Then he whipped his grillo out and I was like, "are you fuckin serious Peter, does your dick go tanning while the rest of you watches Bassmasters, what the fuck!?
by Mihlkdawg September 26, 2011
a freakishly long penis...usually from the 8 to 10 range...in inches.
Dude, Ron Jeremy definately has a grillo.
by A.G. March 03, 2005
A sweet italian boy from alba adriatica, popular with friends, has a billboard because he is so popular.
Marco is a grillo!
by imayau February 15, 2010
to receive an extremely low pay check
Man, i need to start working so i stop getting all these grillos.
by matt32392 July 14, 2009