n. A guy who waits outside the bathroom waiting for drunk girls who look like theyre gonna puke so he can follow them in and put it in their butt while they're puking.
Man 1: Yo dawg, why u waitin outside the bathroom?

Man 2: I'm waitin for girls that are green in the face?

Man 1: Why?

Man 2: Shhhh. Hold on, here comes one now. This girls about to get Gregged.
by PMILK February 04, 2010
Grouping of a womans frontal clothing to make it looks like she has a penis
Damn she is so cute..But what the hell is in the front of her dress...Looks like a greg.
by wekillsuckas buddy November 16, 2009
a cool guy who is always at the gym because he used to be a fatty but now hes thin with a nice bod. he is very friendly and never talks on the phone except with his bfffl.
greg is kayla's best friend forever for life.
by ohmymoses February 06, 2007
A friend's hot boob that creeps into the side of pictures.
She's got a greg.
by TheRealDeal86 August 13, 2008
The biggest tool to ever walk the earth. Is extremely over sensitive and a flaming homosexual. His favorite artists are Jack Johnson and Brandon Flowers.
Guy 1: Dude did you see the way that guy looked at me?

Guy 2: Yeah bro he totally checked you out.

Guy 1: What a freakin Greg

Guy 2: Definitely a Greg..
by ChadHenne October 09, 2010
someone who has been known to have a small penis and a huge mouth.
greg brock
by HUGE BUSH June 21, 2010
one who cannot tell a lie
Dude have you met greg berman? That man can't tell a lie
by donloncocksucker November 19, 2008
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