an amazing guy.
honest, outgoing, and talented. also very good looking.
singing is his talent; and also falls in love with a girl named Lisa
Greg, you're just perfect.
by HYPEme[143] August 22, 2009
A male of the human genus who can only have sex on the first Wednesday of the month and only in the the second half of the year ei, July-December. Greg can only fornicate with women named named Janice, Ellen, Diana, Bobbie, Sandra, and Lucy. If these requirements aren't met, his penis promptly falls off and has to be reattached with specialty imported superglue made from camel shit, horsefly eggs, chicken cheese, cryogenically frozen corn gruel, and the whipped RNA extract from the saliva of a pica patient's gum bezoar.
Greg's detachable penis will get him nowhere in life.
Greg must learn to have sexual relations with women with other names or he has a very slim chance of getting laid in the future.
My boyfriend's penis falls off unless I have sex with him infrequently under very specific criteria, he must be a Greg.
by soberbutugly January 24, 2011
one who lacks emotion or shows apathy towards most situations.
Hey, wanna go to the mall with us?

I don't care

Stop being so Greg.
by sasquatch8r October 03, 2009
You know in most languages Greg means Gaylord don't you?
by whackcat2 January 07, 2011
Grouping of a womans frontal clothing to make it looks like she has a penis
Damn she is so cute..But what the hell is in the front of her dress...Looks like a greg.
by wekillsuckas buddy November 16, 2009
A friend's hot boob that creeps into the side of pictures.
She's got a greg.
by TheRealDeal86 August 13, 2008
a cool guy who is always at the gym because he used to be a fatty but now hes thin with a nice bod. he is very friendly and never talks on the phone except with his bfffl.
greg is kayla's best friend forever for life.
by ohmymoses February 06, 2007

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