Comes from gregory; croation; usually a douche bag and totally immautre. See matt
Your acting like a Greg today
by B.E.L.T February 25, 2010
A boy who sucks donkey testicles, with his panties in a bunch.
God damn Zak, get your panties out of a bunch before people think your Greg.
by blisteredotter February 06, 2010
man born with 4 fingers but still manages to use them all...ATM
she got gregged
by rabbislimjim April 06, 2009
A self-engrossed, self-centered, princess among princes that would felate Payton Manning in an instant and thinks Def Leppard is the greatest band in the world. What a tool!
Dirt: Did you see that toothless mountain person over there listening to 80s crap rock?

Dust: What a Greg!
by TNsux February 03, 2010
A person who throws up after/during every party where people are getting intoxicated. Even if there isn't any alcohol around he'll find a way to vomit all over your mom's expensive Persian rug.
P1: What happened to my mom's Persian rug?

P2: Looks like Greg pulled a fast one.

P1: But it was only my sister's sixth birthday.. My dad was the only one with alcohol and all he had was a glass of wine!

P2: Greg always finds a way...
by Chestertonsvilleshire April 21, 2009
a.k.a. Gregory Royston Harry Ginevar Shore

a word that can be used in place of all other words. usually with negative, or disgusting connotations
i need to take a greg
lets go for a greg
i just left a greg in the toilet
that is such a greg thing to do
holy greg
what the greg
dont be such a greg
i totally just smoked a greg outside
by DanNam November 09, 2009
Greg, a small but handy instrument used for picking fluff out of the belly button when lying on the couch watching tv. rare and expensive.
I was lying on the couch enjoying playing with Greg
by crabwright June 01, 2006

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