man born with 4 fingers but still manages to use them all...ATM
she got gregged
by rabbislimjim April 06, 2009
A person who throws up after/during every party where people are getting intoxicated. Even if there isn't any alcohol around he'll find a way to vomit all over your mom's expensive Persian rug.
P1: What happened to my mom's Persian rug?

P2: Looks like Greg pulled a fast one.

P1: But it was only my sister's sixth birthday.. My dad was the only one with alcohol and all he had was a glass of wine!

P2: Greg always finds a way...
by Chestertonsvilleshire April 21, 2009
a.k.a. Gregory Royston Harry Ginevar Shore

a word that can be used in place of all other words. usually with negative, or disgusting connotations
i need to take a greg
lets go for a greg
i just left a greg in the toilet
that is such a greg thing to do
holy greg
what the greg
dont be such a greg
i totally just smoked a greg outside
by DanNam November 09, 2009
Greg, a small but handy instrument used for picking fluff out of the belly button when lying on the couch watching tv. rare and expensive.
I was lying on the couch enjoying playing with Greg
by crabwright June 01, 2006
To cock something up, to make a hash of it,
Oh no, I've totally gregged this mechanism up!!
Man, my bike is gregged!
by h-bombed January 15, 2009
Greg usually meaning asshole.
Greg is someone who will talk a girl up and then use her. known to sleep with girls and then date them for a few months only to find another girl to call her and bitch her out. He usually likes it in the ass and is a cowardly pussy.
by ak47bitch June 03, 2009
An individual who is permenantly stuck in boy-hood. Often portrays immaturity and sarcasm. Greg's have no respect for anyone and cares only about getting a piece. When first meeting a Greg, he will tell you what you want to hear and is very kind - but dont let it fool you! Greg's see women as nothing more than objects and have more than one at a time. They are unreliable, untrustworthy and embarassing to be around. Gregs are not dating material and will more often than not disappoint and hurt. Greg's cannot be trusted and have an addiction to stealing and are often in trouble with the law. All Gregs should be isolated from society.
Gregs are often poligamists
by fed-up-with-it 21 January 12, 2010

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