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A horrible person.
Jordan: (While playing Halo 3) Matt don't you dare kill me with that energy sword.
Matt: Ha! Got ya!
Jordan: Fuck you! You are such a greg!
by Justin Till October 01, 2009
When you drink a little bit and pass out. You puke on yourself while passed out. Then you wake up the next morning thinking you feel like shit but in reality you just dont feel like doing anything pussy
Oh man Sawyer was being a real Greg yesterday
by TG and JG December 28, 2008
1. Someone who lacks cooking skills and cooks Texas Toast garlic bread in the toaster.

2. Male species of the phenotype nerd. Ears spontaneously turn red.
"Why is there cheese in the bottom of your toaster? Did you pull a Greg?"
by Dominique33 January 24, 2008
An individual who is permenantly stuck in boy-hood. Often portrays immaturity and sarcasm. Greg's have no respect for anyone and cares only about getting a piece. When first meeting a Greg, he will tell you what you want to hear and is very kind - but dont let it fool you! Greg's see women as nothing more than objects and have more than one at a time. They are unreliable, untrustworthy and embarassing to be around. Gregs are not dating material and will more often than not disappoint and hurt. Greg's cannot be trusted and have an addiction to stealing and are often in trouble with the law. All Gregs should be isolated from society.
Gregs are often poligamists
by fed-up-with-it 21 January 12, 2010
this is a very GREGT person they say every person is a new door to a different world, but there is one person that you are going to live your life with! if your name is greg and your with someone whos name starts with A and ends with L stay with them they will do you good!
my friends Greg and Ariel are ment to be together
by savannah westmorlen December 21, 2008
A Greg in the wild will often drink in excess and then lose all sense of self. Others around him are often left red faced and ashamed that they have taken a Greg under their wing. Don't let a Greg fool you, they will go by another name to cover up their true identity. Watch out for these predictable creatures, approach with caution!
"I thought that guy was chill, but he was just a Greg."
by Not a Greg fan August 08, 2008
a totally sexy guy who loves girls named kayla. he is also totally smexy.
greg is so zipkicker and he loves a girl named kayla
by oh my moses! December 11, 2006