To take someone's idea and claim it as your own. Sometimes may require changing at least 1 small detail.
If you see an awesome idea, just greg it. No one will know.
by Mia Sparkles April 05, 2015
person or noun- name of a man who works in a printshop, probably working as a printshop floor supervisor with a typical "jerk" attitude.

People who act of a jerkish nature are commonly referred to as a "Greg".
"Man, that lady at the cash register must be having a bad day, she was acting like a Greg."

"Jeeze, stop acting like a Greg."
by seeingitasitis January 10, 2014
verb. the act of vomiting in an inconvenient situation

present form: gregging

future from: to greg

past form: gregged
Rob was so excited for the baseball game until he gregged on the subway on the way there.
by DuckMeat2011 December 10, 2010
Usually a very unattractive bisexual...Maybe even full blown gay. Greg's mostly go for their friends older brothers. He's usually shy around girls because he's very insecure about himself because they know girls are very judgmental. They are commonly sketchy but once you get to know them they are okay...Also most of the time very horny/ very excited around older guys.
Omg Greg is always staring at my older brothers legs! weird o my god.
by molly audrey August 25, 2014
gayest guy youll ever meet and sucks alot of dick and likes in the ass
ever met a gay person that likes it up the bum..yah thats greg alright
by straightttt September 23, 2012
a boy who likes a girl, doesn't tell her, then she likes him and he stops talking to her.
really dramatic and wants attention all the time.
exactly like the word gregarious!
"Whatever happened to that guy you liked?"
"Oh.. he turned into a greg..."
by brikil December 12, 2011
(verb) to fail miserably, without any hope of saving face; specifically refers to completely failing a school assignment or exam. Usually used for dire situations.

Variations: gregging, gregged,
Oh my God, I totally just gregged that test my mom is gonna kick my ass.
by Johnny Redcock December 26, 2011

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