The only type of guy who will Buy the wrong sized condom when knowing he's going to get laid that night.
P1:dude I bought the wrong sized condoms last night and could have sex with my girl.
P2: shit you're such a Greg!
by Bn April 12, 2015
A fat jew bagel who has a small penis and is gay. He's a nigger and looooves Nicole diangelo. He also loves porn
Your a fat greg
by Ugnug fezic March 06, 2015
A real asshole! He flirts with your girlfriend, and next thing you know, she leaves you and runs off with him! Beware of Greg's! They have a natural ability to hypnotize people (especially women) into doing what they want! They use tactics that are not approved of in the most advanced civilizations! Such as preternatural tricks of drugging women, and tricking them into becoming the Greg's mental slave! Or, being super nice, and super fake, which convinces most women, he's "a good guy"! Greg's are usually ugly, brutish, disfigured phantom men, who pray on younger girls and women who are 5-10 years their junior! Greg's simply want to shoot their demonic seed into as many women as possible to over run the Earth with demonoid bastard children, so as to solidify their empire! Greg's are all evil! Avoid like the plague!
(Girlfriend): Who's that guy over there? Do you know him?
(Boyfriend): No idea, never met him before in my life!
(Greg): Hey I'm greg, you want some drugs to get high?
(Boyfriend): No thanks...
(Girlfriend): Yeah sure!

20 mins later, Girlfriend and Greg are swooning over each other in the most vile ways, while Boyfriend is left alone sulking over his stolen love!
by Zero$ September 09, 2014
One who drunkenly panics and starts freaking out over mundane events. The act of freaking out may or may not include drunkenly shouting, crying, and generally being a jerk to everyone in an exaggerated emotional woe-is-me way.
Dude, everything was fine and then he totally Gregged out out of nowhere.

That guy is such a Greg..

Don't start Gregging out on me now.
by potatomato July 23, 2014
He's just greg, dont ask, dont tell. We are bot sure about this guy he kinda cray
Greg once stabbed someone in the eye with a spoon, thats one of those go dammit greg moments
by Darkdude19 January 22, 2015
person or noun- name of a man who works in a printshop, probably working as a printshop floor supervisor with a typical "jerk" attitude.

People who act of a jerkish nature are commonly referred to as a "Greg".
"Man, that lady at the cash register must be having a bad day, she was acting like a Greg."

"Jeeze, stop acting like a Greg."
by seeingitasitis January 10, 2014
Usually a very unattractive bisexual...Maybe even full blown gay. Greg's mostly go for their friends older brothers. He's usually shy around girls because he's very insecure about himself because they know girls are very judgmental. They are commonly sketchy but once you get to know them they are okay...Also most of the time very horny/ very excited around older guys.
Omg Greg is always staring at my older brothers legs! weird o my god.
by molly audrey August 25, 2014

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