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gayest guy youll ever meet and sucks alot of dick and likes in the ass
ever met a gay person that likes it up the bum..yah thats greg alright
by straightttt September 23, 2012
verb. the act of vomiting in an inconvenient situation

present form: gregging

future from: to greg

past form: gregged
Rob was so excited for the baseball game until he gregged on the subway on the way there.
by DuckMeat2011 December 10, 2010
1) An autistic pensioner
2) A walrus
"Hey, look at that old man who can't talk to anyone"

"Yeah, such a Greg"
by cms1213 June 12, 2013
(verb) to fail miserably, without any hope of saving face; specifically refers to completely failing a school assignment or exam. Usually used for dire situations.

Variations: gregging, gregged,
Oh my God, I totally just gregged that test my mom is gonna kick my ass.
by Johnny Redcock December 26, 2011
a boy who likes a girl, doesn't tell her, then she likes him and he stops talking to her.
really dramatic and wants attention all the time.
exactly like the word gregarious!
"Whatever happened to that guy you liked?"
"Oh.. he turned into a greg..."
by brikil December 12, 2011
A large piece of Elephant dung.
Ohh darn....I stepped in greg!

Yuckk! That's gross!

OMG! Now i have to get new shoes... the greg ruined them!
by LucyLovesMe December 06, 2010
A crazy sex position that involes multiple women and is illegle in all stats.
Use at parties and do not smoke weed while using. use protection all the time.love g-reg
by greg robertson November 01, 2007