Great and amazing guy but when drunk he likes football player sized women. He might possibly have the worst beer goggles ever but i love him. And his weenis.
Greg! says "you have a beautiful name, now make out with my black friend, ho."
by stank ass ho May 09, 2010
Greg, usually short for gregory is almost always a a gentle loving person.
they have great compasion.
and care about other peoples feelings.
they are one of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet(:

sometimes is a a guy that isnt a horny basterd.
Girl 1: aw, i thought you were crying.
Girl 2: well, im better now, greg saw me and rushed to make me happier. so im better now.
girl 1: yeah, that seems like greg, he is so sweet.
by halo(: February 23, 2009
Awesome kid with giant dick and extremely awesome personality. He destroys all vaginas with his huge monster cock
That Greg is like so big
by Awesome gman June 14, 2014
A real asshole! He flirts with your girlfriend, and next thing you know, she leaves you and runs off with him! Beware of Greg's! They have a natural ability to hypnotize people (especially women) into doing what they want! They use tactics that are not approved of in the most advanced civilizations! Such as preternatural tricks of drugging women, and tricking them into becoming the Greg's mental slave! Or, being super nice, and super fake, which convinces most women, he's "a good guy"! Greg's are usually ugly, brutish, disfigured phantom men, who pray on younger girls and women who are 5-10 years their junior! Greg's simply want to shoot their demonic seed into as many women as possible to over run the Earth with demonoid bastard children, so as to solidify their empire! Greg's are all evil! Avoid like the plague!
(Girlfriend): Who's that guy over there? Do you know him?
(Boyfriend): No idea, never met him before in my life!
(Greg): Hey I'm greg, you want some drugs to get high?
(Boyfriend): No thanks...
(Girlfriend): Yeah sure!

20 mins later, Girlfriend and Greg are swooning over each other in the most vile ways, while Boyfriend is left alone sulking over his stolen love!
by Zero$ September 09, 2014
Awesome kid with a fucking huge dick that penetrates any bitch with maximum brutality,and is just a great person
Man:That greg is fucking awesome
Woman:especially in bed, I can barely walk after last night!
by Awesome gman June 14, 2014
verb, noun (derived from the word gregarious)

Meaning(noun):1. The act of familiarizing oneself with members of a social circle without invitation

2. A person who familiarizes himself with members of a foreign social circle without invitation

Other forms: to greg, gregging, greggage
Kabir: Hey Emma, mind if I walk you to lunch?

Emma: Quit gregging me King Gregoire the third.
by Chuboy December 31, 2013
More than likely will do it in this order: ass, mouth, hair. Homewrecker....
That dude just totally Gregged her, and now her husband is suicidal.
by Nickie11 December 12, 2010
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