verb, noun (derived from the word gregarious)

Meaning(noun):1. The act of familiarizing oneself with members of a social circle without invitation

2. A person who familiarizes himself with members of a foreign social circle without invitation

Other forms: to greg, gregging, greggage
Kabir: Hey Emma, mind if I walk you to lunch?

Emma: Quit gregging me King Gregoire the third.
by Chuboy December 31, 2013
To Greg - Fall badly, face first
Gregged - Fell badly, face first
Connor took a Greg and really hurt himself. He was lucky he didn't lose his teeth.

What happened to Connor?
He Gregged!
by ConnorThe Ghost November 02, 2011
Great and amazing guy but when drunk he likes football player sized women. He might possibly have the worst beer goggles ever but i love him. And his weenis.
Greg! says "you have a beautiful name, now make out with my black friend, ho."
by stank ass ho May 09, 2010
Greg is the chillest kid ever. He's got the chillest friends and is liked by everyone. He also posseses super ninja powers. He's also really hot. His skills include airsoft, paintball,lacrosse and hooking up with girls. He's pretty much amazing.
Wow tht kid just scored 4 times!!
Yeah bu thts because he's Greg

Oh wow iv never met one of them before
by NumberedNinja July 16, 2011
The most awesome goth guy you will ever meet, he's always there for you and goes out of his way to make sure that you have a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. The best friend you could ever wish for, don't let him go. This is one guy that you wouldn't mind being around for days at a time, and you look forward to speaking to him because he always finds a way to brighten your day.
Raven: He's my best friend, you should meet him, you'll love him. :)

Sarah: He must be a Greg, Gregs make the best of friends.
by Sugar_Fang May 16, 2010
More than likely will do it in this order: ass, mouth, hair. Homewrecker....
That dude just totally Gregged her, and now her husband is suicidal.
by Nickie11 December 12, 2010
One who drunkenly panics and starts freaking out over mundane events. The act of freaking out may or may not include drunkenly shouting, crying, and generally being a jerk to everyone in an exaggerated emotional woe-is-me way.
Dude, everything was fine and then he totally Gregged out out of nowhere.

That guy is such a Greg..

Don't start Gregging out on me now.
by potatomato July 23, 2014

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