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Student of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.
What do you mean you don't have grades and live in "the soup"? You must be a greener.
by a big greener August 22, 2006
Someone who attends the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

A stereotypical greener will have dreads, dress like a homeless person, smell like a wet dog who just smoked a pack of clove cigarettes, and live off of their mommies and daddies. In reality most greeners are very nice, clean, upstanding members of the community, their reputations are just sullied by the dirty hippies who are majoring in pottery.
Girl: "What's the quickest way to starve a greener?"
Guy:"I don't know."
Girl:"Hide their mom's credit card under a bar of soap."
by jklmno February 23, 2009
people who care about the environment
If you care about your environment, it means that you are greeners
by Bagus August 26, 2007
A "Greener" is a person who is the life of a party. Shy in day to day activities, but will come out of their shell at parties and do legendary things. Rappin', Joking, Running around naked, picking up hot babes.
"Damn you shoulda seen aaron last night, he had a greener night for sure.
by idipgrizz September 27, 2009
A good looking young female who is horny and loves oldier lads.

Originated in ashbourne cummunity school where the juniors wear green jumpers
I love greeners.

She's green.
Im going for a spin with a greener later so I won't be out tonight lads.
noun. a person who, never happy with what they have even if they wanted it, is constantly searching for something better.
That greener has a Porche and he's complaining because it's not a Farrari.

That guy has a girlfriend but he doesn't tell anyone because he's on the lookout for someone better. He's such a greener.
by supergimp1 July 28, 2010
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