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The way dummies type Porsche, a sports car manufacturer.
- I think I'm going to buy a Porche
- You should first try to spell it correctly...
by lelu the only one April 05, 2008
Overpriced ass dragger, Old man car.
Yo that kids cobra ate that weak ass porche for lunch!
by porcheeater June 16, 2008
a term that that the ladies use to suggest a five inch penis.

hence the name porche, guys who have fast cars usually have small penises, because thats the only way guys can get the chick.
guy"like my FAST car , its a new lambourgini z3, would you like to ride in it with me to my house?"
girl"no, your only trying to get me to go to have sex, and besides i dont like your PORCHE!"
by sean February 27, 2005