aka "cider poo" drinking too much cider the nite before and waking up with more than a fat bird
damn i was throwing back the scrumpy last nite got a case of the "green apple splatters"
by kaaos_crust October 16, 2006
Top Definition
having explosive diarrhea
after that munging trip we took i had a horrible case of the green apple splatters
by me July 27, 2003
diarrhea, cant get any simpler than that.
Guy #1 - Omg dude i gotta go to the bathroom!

Guy #2 - Whats wrong with him

Guy #3 - Hees got the Green Apple Splatter
by adhd7 April 06, 2009
A case of acute diarrhea, usually of an explosive nature. Often accompanied by a burning sensation. If the proper facilities are not reached in time, the feces could exit the body in a random pattern, hence the name.
"Dude, I was at the park the other day after I ate a bowl of my dad's chilli and I didn't make it to the toilet in time. Green apple splatters, it looked like thanksgiving in a retirment home."
by cpoc December 09, 2003
the runs
Man I got the green apple splatters, (insert profanity here)
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
The proper medical term (citation needed) for diarrhea induced by drinking excessive ammounts of gypsy juice causing a severe burning sensation to the anus on the way out.
Dave: "Kev are you OK in there?"

Kev : "No mate im shitting brown water that is burning the fuck outta my ass!"

Dave: "That'll be the green apple splatters, dude"

Kev : "It was your idea to buy that cheap fucking scrumpy, you twat!"
by MCMXCV April 26, 2008
to be very ill, and take a green , diarea shit, and wipe it on a stick and serve it for lunch, along with a topping of several quiffs
Im going to pull a big green apple splatter on your mother.
by Jordan January 16, 2004
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