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A person who succeeds by pulling others down. Commonly seen in various colleges and corporates with cut throat competition. He/she behaves as a very close colleague but is actually waiting for an opportunity to pull you down, dig your grave, and rise up the ladder.
He refused to lend the report at the eleventh hour. He is such a gravedigger.
by 007Sid February 08, 2011
A fat american dude who thinks he owns DF, he actually sucks. Sucking is his profession.
Thomas aka Grave-Digger from Dark-Future
by iKoN May 31, 2004
A female zombie who only wants you for your brains
I ain't sayin she's a Grave Digger

zombie female
by Zomboie May 11, 2012
the man who takes the anal virginity of a girl, grave being her pooper, digger being his "shovel" or dick
kunt ass bitch nigger

whore dick grave digger

ass whore darth maul
suck my left ball

by skwinntz May 31, 2011
A man usually between the ages of 18 to 30 (no older than 35) who as a fetish for women who are 50+ years old.
"Damn man, I didn't know you brother was such a gravedigger. That lady is as old a my grandma."
by Donovan6971 December 01, 2007
another way of saying copyright infringement of the numerous musicians that have died too young. Someone that uses classic songs in commercials years after an artists death.
person 1) jake really loves his Beatles cd collection

person 2) but I thought only gravediggers liked bands like that

person 1) you're a moron dude, the beatles are too popular to ignore, like when John Lennon said they were bigger than jesus

person 3) yeah they're great enough to influence any generation
by polski pride January 20, 2010
Extremely good heroin found in Baltimore city.
Guy on corner: "Yo gravedigger here"
by fo hundred February 05, 2008