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n. A long ash on the end of a cigarette, indicating that the smoker has not inhaled recently.
Johnny liked holding the cigarette to look cool, but he didn't like the smoke, so he always ended up with a grandma
by Methatsetis March 14, 2009
your bong, new hip nickname in the sand hook/monmouth county are in nj.
Dude 1 : Yo, check my new grandma!

Dude 2 : Damn! She hits like Mike Tyson son!
by Wayneo Insano May 08, 2009
New York City underground drug slang used to refer to cocaine. Usually used in the context when describing the severity of a "comedown". Also used contextually in public, using metaphorical references pertaining to a grandmother, but reffering to cocaine usage.
Wow. Grandma was such a bitch last night! She promised love and her cookies, but when I tried to go to sleep she kept banging pans in the other room. That bitch kept me up all night. Grandma is a dirty bitch from hell!
by VinSprinkles April 21, 2011
they are funny old women
My Mom;s Mom is a grandma
by screamyourheadoff August 10, 2008
(noun) One's first lay. Characterized by her lack of attractive features and old age.
John: Hey Steve, how's that grandma of yours doing?
by Thomas Marchet February 03, 2008
Code name for marijuana, used by whitey.
Come over and watch tv with us tonight, grandma will be visiting!
by pables64 January 09, 2008
Your guy neighbor with a saggy ass who tries to act cool but he's not.
My neighbor is a saggy assed grandma.
by Dezzie Fezzie Bo Bezzie July 10, 2008