What you say if a grandma is flying towards you.
Person 1:Grandma!
Person 2:What?
by TheWiggidy November 01, 2003
A person who looks and acts older than they should.
Why is she wearing sweat pants and reading "The Six Stages Of Menopause"? She is such a grandma, yet she's only 16!
by Elton April 08, 2003
Used to describe an overly cautious teenage boy who spends a large majority of his time talking to others instead of doing what he is supposed to. Generally takes up a lot of time doing absolutely nothing.
Guy: Damn, Jackson is being really slow.
Girl: Yeah, he's such a Grandma.
by ~*! June 30, 2012
The woman who own's the house. The best cook in the world, cuddly and sweet, gives the best edvice. Always there for you, and are helpful! And they always spoil you rotten! :)
Oh, your so "Nona"
Nona = Best grandma
by #fall 101 December 20, 2013
An old woman that makes you so mad you yell at her saying "STOP PISSING IN MY CORN FLAKES!!!"
Me:My grandma's pissing in my corn flakes
Jucenda:Is she really pissing in you corn flakes?!
Me:No >_>
by Neko Kidd September 24, 2011
1. Who your kids have spent 95% of their life with
2. who ya kids live with
3. 30 year old woman whos 15 year old daughter/son has a baby
4. the one we call big mama
Mother: okay im going to leave you at Grandma house
Child: see you next week mommy

Man:Hey young lady is that your son
Woman carying a 2 year old: no this my grandbaby
by Akaya November 12, 2005
A mother of a mother. If she has grandchildren , then she is a builtin free baby-sitter and or someone that can help or watch your children for you , since they don't have anything else to do.
Mother: Hey mom what are you doing tonight?

Grandma: Nothing just watching NCIS

Mother: Then can you watch Timmy for me ?

Grandma: What are you doing? Yes I can
by Some who knows! January 27, 2014

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