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a system of understanding a language using proper sentence structure, uses of words and their functions in a sentence, spelling, and other things.
Grammar is sometimes thought of as obsolete because it seems that no one cares to use it anymore. However, there is nothing wrong with abandoning grammar online because that is it what it is meant for! All of you who are making fun of people who use abbreviations on the internet are stupid, because that is the point, you are supposed to be able to say things quicker, even if it means spelling "for" as 4!
by Exhoc December 19, 2005
The whole dating/girl-and-guy-liking-each-other scenario.
There was so much grammar goin' on at the dance!
by the Society to Prevent Boredom January 21, 2006
something we don't give a shit for.....not even at school
Teacher: you failed your test today because of your atrocase grammar
Student: yea well i don giv a shit fo it anymor and stik that in ur pipe and smok it wed woeman
by robbie regan March 07, 2007
Something ridiculously stupid and useless because pretty much every time someone uses bad grammar or spelling you can still understand what they are saying. People using bad grammar is a lot less annoying than people who go around correcting it.
Grammar sucks..... gram3r suxxxxx..... both mean the same thing so SHUT DA FUCK UP
by J-Smoove March 12, 2006