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The most magical place in all the world.
Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: I'm going to the most magical place in all the world!
Person 1: Jamaica??
Person 2: No idiot! The vagina.
Person 1: Lucky...
by Hawkman92 May 21, 2009
The 1 common interest of every man.
Look! Boobies!
by Hawkman92 May 17, 2009
That one thing that don't get used properly or nothing like that. Many peoples do badly at grammaring. Its how sentences are supposed to sound but it isnt usually. Grammar no me. Derp.
Person 1: Hey you. You have absolutely horrible grammar.
Person 2: What you talkin bout boi? I gots tah good grammar. I done gone got me a good edumacation.
by Hawkman92 May 15, 2009
The term "Battle Royale" is often misused. The real definition is an intense battle between 2 men, named Roy and Al. If 2 people engage in an intense battle, and they happened to be named Roy and Al. If you see this, you are truly blessed and should be appreciative that you get to see a true Battle Royale.

*And the "e" is thrown on at the end just for fancy sauce.
Person 1: Hey, Roy and Al are fighting!
Person 2: Holy balls! Battle Royale!...a real one! This has been my lifelong goal, and finally, it is happening.
by Hawkman92 May 15, 2009

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