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glass pipe; abbreviation,usually one used to smoke crystal methamphetamine or cocaine that is free of it's hydrochloride base.
"Where did you leave the GP?" "Please pass me the GP."
by CMG May 12, 2005
13 19
Abbreviation, has been used to refer to either Gary Payton (NBA player with the Lakers and Sonics) or to the gospel/hip-hop group "God's Property" fronted by Kirk Franklin.
GP broke them down off the dribble the other night

GP are you with me?!
by ericfreak June 03, 2004
14 20
to keep it a secret; on the down low.
Let's keep that note on G.P.
by Amanda October 08, 2003
19 25
GOD PLAYER!!!!! the most hated RPer in RP!!!!
Billy (LigerZero007) is a god player
by Raven July 02, 2003
2 8
1. Abv. A General Practiciton.
2. Abv. Graheme Park - A badass area in Londons bourough of Barnet.
1. "Francescas, goto the GP and get your HIV test done."

2. "The whole of GP is after us!"
by Jason May 24, 2003
2 8
A very dry joke that buzz kills your entire day. A term used to embarrass someone who makes a terrible joke.
Person 1: Terrible Joke
*Silence, Awkwardness*
Person 2: "GP."
by Gurpreet C January 22, 2011
46 53
Georgia Pacific: A large evil fucking company that likes to ass fuck its straight employees with Massive PlyWood Dillys! Also, use in reference to a lying maggot, punk, whore, necrophiliac, that dresses up in a White hard hat and rapes your mind with useless talk of production, that in all actuality is just setting you up for your annual fisting!
"That mother fucker at the Talladega mill is a G P !

" Man, your walking funny dude! Ahhhh... you must work at that mutha fuckin G P !
by Mr. Good Guy November 06, 2008
6 14