a word used to describe anything. sometimes used when you don't want to say something in front of someone.
John:"That play was so gopher"
Kevin:"That chick's ass is mega gopher."
by ThatSnoverKid October 03, 2007
a rich kid that pretends to be poor to seem cool like all the other druggie kids but actually has a 4.3 gpa and lives in a mansion
look at that guy shopping at juicy with his girlfriend, look he bought a $5550 shirt
but why is he so dirty and poor looking?
because he's a gopher
by iceicebaby12131231 April 23, 2007
to go, in the spirit of going dumb. normally used to describe something.

origin: Aaron Hall started using it in 2006 as a bastardized form of goes...the term then spread faster than the clap
a-star: yo myspace name from tech n9ne...that gopher

by Brittnasty The Mad MC December 07, 2006
An evil rodent that spreads the evil monkey pox disease. They have sold their souls to their satanic leaders- the monkeys- in exchange for eternal dominion over their arch nemesis: the weasels.
I bought a gopher at the petshop. Then I contracted monkey pox and died.
by Fowzilla November 25, 2003
Someone who wears clown shoes and brings his superior employer coffee.
IE: Moped and JP
"Hey, you keep doing that I'm gonna make you my gopher"
by EZFunds May 12, 2006
A large, fat person who brags about things no man/boy should brag about. also tends to consume mass amounts of food and will tend to commit questionably gay acts.
That kid over there was bragging that hes captain of the JV golf team...What a stupid Gopher.
by JGron_06 March 02, 2006
something unsightly, the penis
That kid had a big gopher.
by yoyofosho October 29, 2003
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