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a term reflecting the grandiose scale of misinformation spread by the government
"Wow, our tax dollars are working overtime. With the economy still in the dumper, the level of propagranda has increased tenfold."
by just_warming_up September 02, 2009
An over-the-top fanatic of Jamba Juice, aggressively promoting the dietary benefits to anyone within earshot. Typicallt sneers at diets of energy drinks, Good & Plentys, licorice, and donuts.
Pam: You really should give up the Monster drinks and switch to something healthy, like Jamba Juice.
Mark: Wow. You're such a Jambassador. Give it a rest.
by just_warming_up September 10, 2009
1. A term reflecting the excessive amount of spin, misdirection, butt-covering, and massaged statistics that come from our elected officials. Recognized by the fact that a spinmeister must "clarify" what a politician meant whenever he sticks his foot deep into his mouth.
VeeP Biden: "Swine flu? I wouldn't go anywhere in confined spaces."

Staff: "What the VeeP meant to say was..."

Another fine example of govern-meant.
by just_warming_up September 02, 2009
1. a term reflecting the frequent tendency of government officials to suddenly disappear from public view when the spotlight of criticism shines on them, typically for a period of 1-2 days or until someone else's boneheaded antics capture the headlines

2. An instinctive and defensive reaction of an elected official to avoid a "whack-a-mole" reaction by their constituents
"Hey, have you seen Gov Stanford since his "hiking trip" hit the wires?"

"No, he seems to have ducked outa sight."

"Just like a gopherment official. Gone underground until someone else steals the limelight."
by just_warming_up September 02, 2009
the condition that occurs when your belly fat protrudes over your pants.
Man, he's really packing on the weight lately. Serious case of muffin-topping.
by just_warming_up May 20, 2009
The act of woofing down your Chinese take-out.
Chris: Got any plans for lunch?
Matt: I already made a Panda run. I'm chow meining at my desk today.
by just_warming_up September 10, 2009

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