When your busting for a shit and your holding on, and the shit pops its head out and tough's your underwear and pop's back up your ass and continues to repeat untill you find a toilet to release...
Person 1. : hey babe I have a gopher.
Person 2. : wtf
Person 1. : shit just touched my jocks and sucked back up my ass.
Person 2. : you grot...lol
by Luke 7279 June 12, 2013
Grade a douche bag.
Ryan Scott is a gopher.
by cutiewitabootie5436 December 28, 2010
a gopher is what smacks your undies when you wait to long to do a shit; also what bashes your undies when you show off to much during a farting competition.
i was at the shopping centre and to impress the guys i farted at the check out and a gopher bashed my undies.
by that guy August 30, 2003
a somewhat round furry organism with a furry nose and a furry rump. they usually break things and fall madly in love with one other organism almost to the point of being psychotic
That gopher must be exterminated
by Zingy May 29, 2004
a person on halo 2 who gets on a turret and stays on it until they are killed.
snipe that gopher at the front of the base.
by sklaid April 12, 2005
An almost extinct animal by means of not having adapted by evolution to become webfooted
Archie 4 Veronica,
Betty 4 Archie,
Veronica vs Betty,

Jughead is Available,

mosaic pgs,
Free download of web browser

Gopher -> find another name for gopher , enter page no. to select when searching, you name it, gopher it.
by Hercolena Oliver July 04, 2010
A member of the opposite sex whose attraction cannot be ignored. One has an obligation to "go for" (pronounced gopher) it thus making him or her a "gopher".
That girl is a total gopher. You would be a fool if you didn't ask her out.
by The a team is the true team September 11, 2009

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