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Grade a douche bag.
Ryan Scott is a gopher.
by cutiewitabootie5436 December 28, 2010
15 17
When your busting for a shit and your holding on, and the shit pops its head out and tough's your underwear and pop's back up your ass and continues to repeat untill you find a toilet to release...
Person 1. : hey babe I have a gopher.
Person 2. : wtf
Person 1. : shit just touched my jocks and sucked back up my ass.
Person 2. : you grot...lol
by Luke 7279 June 12, 2013
3 6
A member of the opposite sex whose attraction cannot be ignored. One has an obligation to "go for" (pronounced gopher) it thus making him or her a "gopher".
That girl is a total gopher. You would be a fool if you didn't ask her out.
by The a team is the true team September 11, 2009
37 44
a gopher is what smacks your undies when you wait to long to do a shit; also what bashes your undies when you show off to much during a farting competition.
i was at the shopping centre and to impress the guys i farted at the check out and a gopher bashed my undies.
by that guy August 30, 2003
17 25
An almost extinct animal by means of not having adapted by evolution to become webfooted
Archie 4 Veronica,
Betty 4 Archie,
Veronica vs Betty,

Jughead is Available,

mosaic pgs,
Free download of web browser

Gopher -> find another name for gopher , enter page no. to select when searching, you name it, gopher it.
by Hercolena Oliver July 04, 2010
0 9
a word used to describe anything. sometimes used when you don't want to say something in front of someone.
John:"That play was so gopher"
Kevin:"That chick's ass is mega gopher."
by ThatSnoverKid October 03, 2007
4 13
to go, in the spirit of going dumb. normally used to describe something.

origin: Aaron Hall started using it in 2006 as a bastardized form of goes...the term then spread faster than the clap
a-star: yo myspace name from tech n9ne...that gopher

by Brittnasty The Mad MC December 07, 2006
9 18