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limelight is... the spotlight. when you're famous
famous like eminem
by Tony December 09, 2004
1. A focus of public attention

2. An intense illumination (used in theaters) produced by a combination of incandescence and candoluminescence.
Everyone came to see Batman in the Dark Knight, but I think The Joker stole a bit of the limelight with his brilliant performance.
by cream_of_the_crop December 29, 2008
Originating from the bubonic plague that decimated populations across Europe, this term refers to the dim light that was associated with the lime pits used to decompose the vast number of corpses.
On occasion, people were in comatose states when put in the pits and would awaken in a decaying state and wonder around the lime-pit while crowds of people would gather to stare at this horrific spectacle. This term was later used to describe a unique stage lighting effect, hence ; to be in the lime light means; to be the centre of attention.
by Prof. Edward Keen January 17, 2005
A really good song by the band Rush. Refered to as the universal dream, in the song
living in the limelight the universal dream...
by Nick Szostakiwksyj May 05, 2006
Limelight is: A very intense light used in pre-electric theaters created by a controlled heating of the mineral lime until it glows.

Limelight isn't: A word that has anything to do with burying plague victims.
As an example: A "professor" who does not do his etymological research but know's that lime's extreme alkalinity can be used to disinfect and help the decomposition of bodies might make up a story about plague victims wandering among corpses being the center of a crowd's attention and conflate this supposition with the actual use of limelight in theaters to cast spotlights.
by Kdub9 July 21, 2013
Also referred to as: "Limerz Lad"

The Limelight is the place to be if you want to get pure shattered and vomit. Famous for its easy second-hand Glenties women, your sure to get the shift.

People come from far and wide to see the iPod totting DJs who are mad yocks when it comes to saying UGGY UGGY UGGY.
Anyway, it is well known for its distinctive smell of excrement.

If you havent been to Glenties, you haven't seen the largest gathering of shams known to man. Well boy ;)
Sham 1: Syked for Limelight Lad?

Sham 2: Hi sir hi shambuck boy, of course i'm syked, nothing like a good old tug from a Glenties doll.
by Concerned Local December 08, 2010
THEATRE lamp in which quicklime is heated: a type of lamp in which quicklime is heated to produce a brilliant light. It was used in theatres as an early form of stage lighting.

Handguns are in the limelight as a rash of shootings are reported.
by PC49 October 01, 2007
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