The Gooper is the opposite of the pooper, which is to say that it is another word for a girl's pussy. The term is used almost exclusively when describing the manual method of action for the "Shocker", which is: "Two in the gooper, one in the pooper". Which refers to putting the index and middle finger in the "gooper" and the pinky finger in the pooper while the ring finger is folded down and the thumb is extended out.
I had her all riled up and wet from a shocker after throwing a couple fingers in her gooper, and she didn't mind the pinky in the pooper! "Two in the gooper, one in the pooper!"
#shocker #pussy #twat #fingering #poke
by DJDiggler August 08, 2006
Top Definition
A wannabee pundit; uniformed hayseed; One who purports to be politically knowledgeable; country jerk.
What a gooper!
#pussy #hayseed #stupid #fuzznut #wierdo #fubar #rightwingnut #clown
by Lenny G. September 07, 2008
Someone who walks in from the snow/mud into someone's house or place of business without wiping their feet, tracking slush/mud all over the floor.
" Don't slip- some goddamn gooper tracked slush all over the place."
#slacker #dirtbag #dumbass #bum #doofus
by Snotballs February 14, 2014
A combination of "good" and "super". Used to say something is really awesome.
Justin: That movie was gooper.

Emily: Indeed.
#emily #justin #good #cool #super
by WordInventorer July 06, 2011
A word for the woman's genetaila. Can also describe someone who would usually be referred to as a "pussy".
"This dude is a fucking gooper. Alls he does is jerk off and shit on people that are cooler than him."
"Yo, when I hooked up with that bitch, I fingered the shit out of her gooper."
#pussy #poon #poon tang #vagina #queer #fag #etc.
by fuckmantitboiii September 26, 2012
A Mystical Being, not unlike a ma but it uses it's force for good, rather than evil. it is the human race's only weapon against the ma culture.
No much is known about this mystical being, other than it's 'R' shaped body and it tentative knack for being both mystical, and resembling some sort of being.
Quick - release the Goopers

We'll get you Ma's, us, and our Goopers!
by Dr. Tubb April 11, 2004
this is an r shaped being. Whether or not it is human is unknown. It could be an animal. it has a sixth sense to pick up signals from ma's that linger. Some goopers live for up to 500 years. Their age,however, does not show.
Goooooooooooperrrr is a gooper
it lives to defeat the evil ma empire
by Dr. Hoofenstein April 13, 2004
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