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the combination of the words "okay" and "sure". Thus, the word "shokay". Shokay, like "okay" and "sure" is an affirmative.
Emily: Want to go to the movies tomorrow?

Justin: Shokay !
by WordInventorer July 05, 2011
A combination of "good" and "super". Used to say something is really awesome.
Justin: That movie was gooper.

Emily: Indeed.
by WordInventorer July 06, 2011
Something you say when someone says something true but you don't want it to be true.

Short for "Wow. So true, you turd"
Emily: Shuddup is not a word you made up. It's just a non-annunciated way to say shut up.

Justin: Ture
by WordInventorer July 05, 2011

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