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The eye in the sky. The police, when something is suspicious and believed to be managed by the government.
That shit was so Google!
by Ck, Vincent Vega March 03, 2014
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A search engine that has no idea of the definition of the word "privacy".
Dude 1: "Hey, isn't Google great?"
Dude 2: "If you want a digital stalker, yeah..."
by SomeDefinitionGuy February 19, 2014
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Another name for Google Glass. Formed from Google + goggles.
"Grab your Googles and let's blow this popsicle stand."
by ProfessorF February 06, 2014
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To google someone is to stick ones opposable digit up another's butthole during or prior to a sex act . One may google them self as well but it must be with there thumb and must be purely for pleasure or it isn't googleing . Some say it's a web based firm but its not entirelly true striking a thum up the asshole has been going on long before the NSA started a search engine.
Smell my thumb if it smelled like your shit you got googled
I think rapey Steve was googleing him self while he was taking a piss at the bar last night.
by Prolapse November 30, 2013
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The term for a Grouping of Nerds. ie. Flock is to Seagulls as Google is to Nerds
A google of nerds just checked in to the Doctor Who convention dressed in full cos-play.
by Monkey the Destroyer May 06, 2013
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is to use a search engine to find information on the internet. Usually using
"I have no idea what tofu is!"
"Go home and google it!"
by Apple Butts April 29, 2012
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Google is a web page used to research for your homework, if you are not sure about something, to watch porn and find out how many people are terrified of Chinese people. Google is getting so rich, it already bought Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Google also created Android, which is an operating system for phones.
Blackberry has their own operating systems and so does Apple. The rest of the modern phones have Android on it.

Google also created Gmail, which is used to look at your emails.
Dear Yahoo!
Noone ever says to someone that if they don't know something, Yahoo it.
Yours sincerely,
by DrumR1000 March 20, 2012
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