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noun, term referring to home movies. Since "six hours" can fit on a VHS tape, silly home movies are dubbed: six hours of stupid.
There is nothing on TV, let's watch SIX HOURS OF STUPID tonight.
by Twartacus April 14, 2006
This literaly refers to the act of going to GOOGLE.com and searching g-o-o-g-l-e.

However, this is actually a very dangerous act. Googling google is like playing Russian Roulete, crossing the streams (Ghostbusters), or a hole in the space-tme continuoum (Back To The Future). What ever you do, do not google 'google' if you wish to stay safe.

It is BAD
Please, let me drive you home... you have had too much to drink... you don't want to be googling google on a night like this.
by Twartacus June 12, 2006
Box music is a term that refers to what was once known as alternative music back in the 90's. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc. The reason why the term evolved was because in college, students would go outside to smoke, these students would sit around the "call box" used to call up to the dorm room for guests to be let in. These "box people" often listened to this genre of music, thus the term.
Everytime I see Matt, he is listening to that box music on his stereo.
by Twartacus April 26, 2006
Refers to old home movies. Since "six hours" is the amount of time available on most VHS tapes the term refers to the amount of time along with the content on most old home movies.
There is nothing on TV tonight, how about we watch Six Hours Of Stupid to relive the old days.
by Twartacus April 25, 2006
Bad storm, or the potential path of a large storm. This term comes from how the news tries to predict the path of a hurricane, tropical depression, tropical storm, etc. When watching the weather the forcast shows projections in different colors resembling the toy "water noodles" used in the pool. As a result, bad storms are dubbed water noodles.
Man, there are water noodles all over town today. I am going to stay in and watch a movie instead of going outside.
by Twartacus June 30, 2006
By definition it is simply when one's socks or stockings becomet wet or damp. It is, however, "the most horrendous thing." As a result, many things that are bad can be compared to having "wet sox." This is similiar to how zero degrees Kelvin is absolute zero and everything else is higher. In the same way, how close things are to havng wet sox determines how bad the situation is.
My dog got ran over by a car, which was my wifes, which blew a tire, which messed up the allignment, and when we took it to the shop it was stolen along with my ipod that was in the glove box... at least I don't have Wet Sox.
by Twartacus April 26, 2006

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