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adverb or noun or adj:

noun. A state of existence, a mental place that can only be obtained by people who are really, really trying to hit it hard this time 'round. Perhaps, just perhaps, this euphoria might percolate in at the expense of a few brain cells (wont miss em) and a few cillia (whiskey). This transcendance is very often closeley preceeded by an overwhelming urge to cough, or maybe a full blown cough-attack.

ex: "Riley, is obviously, goofballed."

Adj. Something expressed, by obvious manoeuver, or perhaps via lack-thereof, that indicates (rather faultlessly) that the person, place or thing being described, has attained a goofballed state of mind.

ex: "hey Braaaahh, you must be mighty happy abt something....You have this glowing totally goofballed look on your face! Oh....Well, wait.....are you OK, bro?"

adv; goofballedly :to be expressing the signs of being goofballed, while engauged in an activity.

D.Wayne :" ..Dude, Roy, You just said that so goofballedly.
Roy: "..What?...Oh Wooohhh sorry, I've just been on a whole nother planet for the last 30 minutes! Did I really just say something?"

by Harry Potter IV August 21, 2007
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