In Canada, cheap sherry
The defining characteristic of the rubby] is a taste for goof.
by Trontonian January 28, 2004
The moments of ecstasy and loss of self-control leading up to an orgasm. The corresponding stupid look on your face.
by OrangUtanUK June 18, 2003
A synonym for semen (noun). The act of getting off (verb).
(Noun) I got goof all over her face.
(Verb) Man, I pulled out and goofed in her hair
by Bonesaw November 03, 2003

Natrual Female Lubricant of a distinguishable quantity, either detected real-time about the generating orifice, or at a later time in the dried form.
"she goofed all over the bed spread"
by Meredith July 15, 2003
The smell that you get on your undies after doing a fart in the morning, it stays on your undies for the rest of the day and becomes mucm more stale and unpleasant.
Farting in your undies in the morning, and someone saying ohh did you crap yourself? no it is goof
by Josh Ernest November 10, 2005
Goof is a word made up to identify the lowest common denominator. Those who use it outside of jail are labeling themselves as living far below the poverty line. It ends up speaking more of them than the person it's being flung at.

You never hear anyone who doesn't receive a welfare use it.
Man A: "Man B is a goof!"
Everyone: "Damn, Man A is poor."
by o3mta3o June 05, 2016
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