Goof, is someone who says see ya in a silly voice, and who people like to prank call like 3487 times just to bother.
I pranked that goof like 34 times, just to piss him off.

That goof always smirks in his soccer pictures.
by goof#2 October 19, 2009
something cool, like when a trick, stunt, etc is executed perfectly
Man, that flip was mad goof
by zzz7654 January 15, 2009
An incredibly loud, embarrasing and/or stinky fart in a public place, like a Chinese restaurant in the Beaches in Toronto called the "GOOF" or an elevator.
Waitress: What would you like to .. OMIGOD, WHAT'S THAT AWFUL SMELL?!

Customer: My bad, I goofed.
by Have you seen your mom? October 02, 2008
To ejaculate, also the nickname of a brother in a certain fraternity.
1. Dude, I just saw that bitches cootch, I think I just goofed my pants.
by rl44 October 20, 2007
to act stupid or say something stupid.
little kid - "I made a goof.."
older cousin - "oh you bet your fat ass you did. but unfortunatly your parents made a pretty big goof too..ya fucken GOOF!!"
by baRUCE January 14, 2004
get something (usually free or stolen), and then sell it back to someone else
I'm a goof josh's iPod for 200$
by Santens September 28, 2007
a sex goddess and/or sexy beast
"damn that girl's a goof"

by johnny apple March 24, 2008

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