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Someone with a memory of 7 seconds or less, as defined by the legendary Monty Python.
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
Goldfish 2: What's a castle?
Goldfish 1: I don't know, why d'you ask?
Goldfish 2: Ask what?
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
The compulsive disorder to do things to extremes, but with a seriously depraved twist.
That guy just can't stop licking people's toenails - he is totally obsessive repulsive.
by Jennicam June 18, 2009
A girl's own lipstick mark transferred back to the owner via cunning and devious male tactics.
A guy, sick of continually having lipstick marks left on his cheek by girl friends/mates, in an act of pure lipstick revenge, cutely kisses you on the lips, then again on the cheek, thus tranferring your own lipstick mark to your own cheek.
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
A male member that needs to cautiously pop up and survey the surrounding environment, before committing to surfacing fully.
As drunk as I was, I had to up peniscope before agreeing to go home with her...
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
Basically, it's means the same as "exactly", but it's actually way more expressive. Leave out the 'E' and suddenly it sounds more powerful!
Have you noticed Sky TV's zillion channels are just full of shite TV? Xactly!
by Jennicam December 30, 2008
A three way hug. Usually very sweet and between friends or family, but could be dirty I suppose, if you're that way inclined...?
I love my Mum & Dad - we have frequent thrugs.
The hot twin sisters and I shared a post-coital thrug.
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
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