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Someone who cheats at completing a task, duty, or job.

To cheat; swindle.
"Let me tell you something else. I've seen a lot of spinals, Dude, and this guy is a fake. A fucking goldbricker." -Walter Sobchack, from The Big Lebowski (1998)
by Dustin December 02, 2003
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This is actually a very old insult with deeper meaning that has been largely forgotten. I suspect it goes back hundreds of years and used to be used a LOT more before political correctness (even on several episodes of the tv show "MASH"). Based on the definitions here, I don't think the younger crowd understands that calling someone a "goldbricker" actually means to call someone a lazy selfish jew. For thousands of years of history, many jews were in banking and finance, which is not an industry based on manual labor. Thus, A strong stereotype of the jews arose, as them being too lazy to lift a finger and do some actual physical work for their money, but having plenty of energy to carry their bricks of gold "earned" from merely making and collecting loans with interest (a biblical reference from Jesus reinforces this viewpoint). This used to be one of the WORST insults you could hurl at someone you're working with, because it implies selfishness PLUS laziness PLUS making money for doing nothing PLUS making money on the labor of others, PLUS having extreme indifference to others, all while others around you are toiling hard. The common jewish surname of "Goldman" is heavily tied to this long running stereotype, historically possibly not by the choice of many jews.
{A supervisor yells to a worker who is actually relaxing while he is supposed to be doing manual labor for which he is being PAID} "GET TO WORK JOHNSON AND QUIT BEING A GOLDBRICKER!!!"
by repeal1968guncontrolact February 20, 2011
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A slacker. Someone who milks a job to get more money.
When are those union goldbrickers going to finish that job ? They've turned a two month project into six.
by BigTed1203 August 27, 2009
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A woman or man who fakes romance for financial gain; someone looking to collect gold bricks from people who are willing to pay for their company. Someone who selfishly misleads and seduces others for easy money and or stuff. Basically, gold brickers sell lies, and make fools of the people they mislead. Someone who saves the money they get from seduction and gold digging to make bricks out of it all. See also, gold digger, mooch, con artist, sociopath, psychopath, pathological liar, Lothario, kept woman or kept man.
"Tommy has been dating that gold bricker for three months, and all she ever wants to do it spend his money at the shoe store and the nail salon."
by Daswingman4u January 21, 2009
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noun. A person who always has a better story to tell.
Joey is such a goldbricker. I told him about the time I found $100 on the sidewalk and he said he once found $500.
by Beretta May 06, 2006
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