A angry little gnome who experiences gnome rage as a consequence of constant P.M.S
"Hes about to gnome rage"
by squiddy_121 November 14, 2003
Stupid little creatures that like to huant u when u sleep and play weird ass techno music in the corner of your room while ur on the cpu. they also like putting fake COCKROACHES in ur bed and there real big its disgusting.. But u can destroy them with exploding quarters and green shoes they like to attack leprachauns like myself and my buddies. Dont for get if ur a leprachaun stare them in there eyes and theyll melt!!
There little Bullshit animals FUCK GNOMES LEPRACHAUNS WILL RULE!
If u hear something scrable by ur feet and then u look and theres nothing there its either a mouse or its the GNOMES!
by Cameron W. January 11, 2008
A little bastard which may be considered under the age of 12, who cries when ur eating, runs around naked in ur yard screaming and yelling.
That little peice of shit gnome ran in my yard and now im gonna shoot it 550 times in the face with a 9mm uzi. :)
by Dr. T February 22, 2004
Large, pendulous breasts on a lady
You just got busted checking out that chick's gnomes!
by FJS April 09, 2006

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