To gnome someone is to rub your nose against their's. Also know as an Eskimo kiss.
Hey, will you gnome me?
by ButFli May 15, 2004
a gnome is another humanoid creed ... it originates from the idea of living in paradise a bible will be written about it one day .... it is the preserver of land and paradise ie why you see little ones in your garden to protect it from desiese and bad weather ... they are not magical like elves but are really only interested in the physical land that they dwell on
my brother is a gnome
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
elemantal spirit of earth. Associated with all kinds of rocks, stones, earth, etc.
Hey look, an gnome, wow!
by Jay December 02, 2004
A person who plays computer or console games excessively or enjoys programming entirely too much. Gnomes are often characterized by their poor grooming skills, atrocious odor and lack of social skills. Gnomes are rarely seen out of their natural habitat, (bedroom) which known as a gnome hole.
Did you smell the stench comin off that gnome? I wonder when the last time he took a shower was? Or the last time he saw a girl.
by mr_scones October 24, 2006
To send someone the gnome (fig.): to dump somebody preemptively, to take the initiative in a break-up, to terminate a relationship with extreme prejudice
I knew he'd lost interest, so I sent him the gnome.
I found out he'd been seeing someone else, so I sent him the gnome.
Jen really needs to send Brad the gnome and move on.
If you don't send her the gnome, you'll just end up feeling used.
by Lizzard11 October 25, 2005
a man in tights who loves plays who is a ex member of zz top and dances like hobos has a weenie pouch in his hat who goes around telling little kids hobo's cant afford cable and saying hes superman stealing their clothes and uses it as a cape hen honk at people like he is a moose then smacks rthere bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/shit hole a common item they ware is a llama dick on their fore head yet they are awesome little vienna sausages
"mommy im sad"said chuck norris
" why chuckypoooi"his gramma/lover replied
"that gnome just told me you cant aford cable"chuck norris said
"well duh im a hobo from hobo1can oh darling your sexy naked"grammy said
Duh grammma he took my clothes and did what you do after you get a inner butt masage 'im superman' and take my clothes"said chucky
"well i love your dick"said a store keeper
"well he took my chuck norris pajamas"waa he said
"i hate gnomes"they all said including you
by lilkitty July 10, 2008
a word used by a small group of people in columbia, missouri usa to mean one of two things

1. to be experiencing a trip on psychedelic mushrooms (gnomin', gnomed, gnomed out, etc...)

2. japanese anime porn (hentai) which, for one reason or another is just way intense
1. damn, my body feels a little weird, it might have to do with the fact i ate a eighth of shrooms about 30 minutes ago and im starting to gnome

2. damn that bitch with the tentacles in her ass is so gnome!
by Kajoob February 27, 2008

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