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1. The acted of getting so drunk that you act like you are mentaly retarded.
2. When something doesn't make any sense especially at work.
Tyler wanted to get retarded this weekend, and acomplished his mission when he couldn't even get out of the van with out falling.

Convergys is getting more retarded all the time.
by Jimboozie November 04, 2003
To consume intoxicating alcohol or drugs to the point where you are incapable of verbally communicating past incoherent mumbles. Motor skills are also severely hampered thereby giving the overall impression of severe retardation.
Let's go out and get retarded tonight at the bar.
by Timmy November 04, 2003
To drink such a large amount of alcohol that you start to destroy chromosomes.
'Man, I've got ten cartons of beer, four bottles of tequila, seven magnums of champagne and a flagon of wine. Lets get retarded!!!!'
by uncleboonie November 04, 2003
To be come extremely inebriated, to the point of not having cognative ability or function.
I got a sack of good weed, lets get retarded.
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
Do drink beyond reason.
To tie one one, to get get puzzled on brew, to go on a bender.
Dude, it's friday and my old lady's out of town, lets get retarded!
by Tuff Guy November 03, 2003
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