To take ones equipment without asking and having absolutely no right to. Sharpies are excluded from this category of stolen goods.
Kristen gnomed my damn pipettman
by big hot mj June 25, 2009
a Justin....a small kid who goes to PV and has a big attitude...this ones for u man
look theres gnome!
by muahaha92 March 18, 2009
people who live under corn fields in Michigan. Like midgets only smaller. They abducted kline and use the travelocity guy as a coverup. Until Kline came along, Rick was their leader.
"What just grabbed my foot?"
"That would be a gnome."
by Cjhat July 24, 2008
A magical love monster, usually found in Jon Stuckey's garden.
"Why Jon your gnomes are plentiful"
by Jimmy Full Stats April 09, 2013
A garden toy that is often given as an award for a person that makes an ass of themselves at parties.
Did you see that girl, she was so drunk at that party she made out with an old guy, she deserves a gnome award.
by CanadianAnalyst November 04, 2011
The most legendary garden ornament ever made.
2010 is the year of the the midgets that wear pointy hats and brain wash your mind (gnome).
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
Using the word "gnome" in place of no or know.
"Jimmy did you take the trash out?"
"Gnome, mom I haven't had time."
by Keith234901 November 23, 2008
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