A sweet trick or some thing cool happens also know as awsome. or a sight that is just unbeliveable.
The wave in the pipe are seriously gnarly to day.

Gnarly trick u just pulled.
by kyle August 24, 2004
Gnarly is a world that often decribes a person who is just all over amazing.
There names often are Jackson.
Like Jackson Glasgow for instance (an awesome artist and skateboarder)
"Jackson is so effin' gnarly!"
#amazing #suberb #awesome #sexy #extraordinary.
by summerraine April 15, 2010
Very cool. Uber cool. Poonage
Hayley is gnarly. Hayley is poonage. Hayley is uber cool.
#cool #gnarly #hayley #poonage #uber cool
by Matt Hayleys friend =) May 10, 2008
When u ride your skateboard to walmart and on the way there you: backside flip el toro, knock over zimm with a baseball batt, front feeble ry,millers mom, hippie gap tory back over the border, frontside 5-0 with pat at 2nd nd girard, shred the waves with dave, and then when u get to walmart allie will be working there and u will faint casue her eyes are so rad then ull get ur sticker and leave the on the way home u stop at wawa and get some orange drink and nosegrind seanmaries left big toe.
Dude let's go fishing then go gnarly.
#gnarly #propster #gnarle #shred the gnar #fishing
by propst3r January 02, 2008
A person, action or thing that is very disgusting and revolting.
OMG what's that drunk girl on the floor doing to that guy? Ew she is so gnarly!

Your cat just puked on your pillow! Argh how gnarly.
#grose #disgusting #minging #fowl #hideous
by DiscoLady May 29, 2009
Super awsome, most dank, sexy,make you want to kill a goat with your feet crazy. On the offical "Fonzie Coolomatic Cool Rating Machince" the Fonzie macine rates your from -10 Fonzie's or simply put 10 Chachi Arcola's. And goes all the way to 10 Fonzie's. Gnarly means at least 15 fonzies, putting the "Fonzie meter" into the red and is know as Uber Fonzie.
Timothy S. Rathbun: "Dude did you go to the party last night?"
Brian L Strunck: "Yeah and guess who showed up and 5 mins later the cops came?"
Timothy S Rathbun: "Had to be Amy Spencer, the most gnarly chick in the L.H."
Brian L Strunck: "Right on Maverick."
#awsome #sexy #cool #dope #rad #uber cool #one whos's status of cool goes to 11 on the 1-10 fonzies on the the fonze cool o: matic cool meter #pretty much a fucking badass #bitch #female pimpdaddy #hottie #smarty pants #one who likes to give time to lazy poor kids'
awesome, in a twisted way, used to describe tricks or other things by skater dudes
man, that half-pipe was ga-narlee
by sk8rb0y May 26, 2003
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