General Motors Commercial.

Supposedly a line of trucks meant for heavy duty use. Mostly sells SUVs for soccer moms, but every once in a while someone buys a pickup truck from them.
So how much can your GMC Yukon tow?
I don't know, but it seats seven and has a DVD player.
by eyaare June 28, 2012
Top Definition
GMC aka General Motors Corporation.
For the fans: GMC
by syklone September 03, 2007
Giant Mechanical Cock
She beats her husband with her GMC, which is prolly nuclear-powered and has mad top stops and swagelock fittings
by JJ86 February 01, 2008
Gargle My Cum

Can be used like smd
bitchy chick: hey asshole.
chill dude: gmc bitch!!!
by urbandictmehhh May 31, 2011
Garage Man's Companion

Gotta Mechanic Coming
Dude 1: "Whoa, what's with the junker GMC?" Dude 2: "It's my skanky ex wife's stupid useless vehicle. All she ever does is yap about her garage man's companion." Dude 1: "That sucks, man. I thought GMC meant Gotta Mechanic Coming."Dude 2: "That's what my slutbag ex wife said in our bedroom fucking that pindick mechanic!"
by sliptrip December 14, 2011
Person 1: Hey man do you prefer GMC or Ford?
Person 2: Well GMC was nicer until Obama hyjacked it...
by echo2654 September 09, 2009
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