Gotta Mechanic Coming?
by Mark Potter July 17, 2003
Getting Money Constantly
Lucy; Im GMC Nigguhhh!
Mike: Wahh?
Lucy; Getting Money Constantly...duhh?
by Rxtchet_Bxtch May 28, 2014
Grown Man Crying
My mom is not long for this world...GMC.
by KEVIN 11 October 25, 2014
Is a Gay Man's Cock.
P1 - Would you rather have a GMC or BMW?

P2 - A G.M.C.

P1 - You want a Gay Man's Cock? EWWW
by BeeBitch November 07, 2007
General Motors Commercial.

Supposedly a line of trucks meant for heavy duty use. Mostly sells SUVs for soccer moms, but every once in a while someone buys a pickup truck from them.
So how much can your GMC Yukon tow?
I don't know, but it seats seven and has a DVD player.
by eyaare June 28, 2012
General Motors truck line structurally identical to Chevrolet trucks

real meaning: General Motors Company
owners meaning: Greatly Made Chevy
Pontiac for cheap cars
GMC for good trucks
Chevrolet for both
by Geek-O-Man March 05, 2005
That queer is driving a GMC
by luke_2008 January 22, 2009

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