that fag is driving a gmc
by cdp1997 January 30, 2011
Good Music Country, a term used to describe driving from an area where there is no good stations on the radio to an area where there are several good stations. Typicly used while on road trips.
passanger: what song should I play on the ipod next?
driver: lets listen to the radio for a while, I think were in GMC territiory.
passanger: good call, the last town only had counrty stations, lets hope there is some rap stations on the radio now.
by J Rizzle 09 October 16, 2009
Ginger Muff Club - the ginger muff club if a club for ginger people with ginger pubes it currently has one member - mitch - not including the founder of this club - tom
mitch is a member of the GMC
by tom gregory April 28, 2007
GMCs suck
by Luigi May 13, 2003
GMC stands for Good Mood Club. It represents a feeling of joy or excitement which may be incited by any stimulus.
The sun has finally come out after a long winter. This is so GMC!
by sosodefxxx598 May 01, 2007
Great Mountain Climber
A short guy that always dates tall bbw's or amazon woman. Look at that GMC gittin ready to leap that big chic.
by AVAPCAT April 08, 2006
Gay Man's Car
Listen to my turbo hiss as I dust the fab five in their GMC
by Civic Man 101 March 19, 2004

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