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a beautiful, thick, tall, voluptuous woman. coined by the singing group, the glamazons. a glamazon is confident and is proud to show the world that big is definitely sexy.
when the glamazons group got on state, their presence struck the crowd and demanded drooling from the men in the audience.
by sosodefxxx598 August 09, 2007
When two people in a relationship reunite in an airport after being apart for a long period of time because of a long-distance relationship or a long trip. The couple kiss and hug passionately drawing lots of attention none of which is a concern to them.
Babe, I've been looking forward to seeing you after so long, when you get off that plane it's gonna be something like airport sex. We'll make everyone sick and I won't even care!
by sosodefxxx598 November 26, 2006
The biggest waste of time ever.
"I can't believe I just spent an entire night on myspace."
by sosodefxxx598 September 26, 2007
GMC stands for Good Mood Club. It represents a feeling of joy or excitement which may be incited by any stimulus.
The sun has finally come out after a long winter. This is so GMC!
by sosodefxxx598 May 01, 2007

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