(verb) A new word replacing "email", where either the sender or reciever of the mail uses an @gmail.com address.
Yo I've got this new muse song I wanna send to you!! O noes it's 5 megs though...

O ho old chap! Not a worry, just gmail it to me, k?

Not a problem!
by iovenus November 02, 2004
A brand new email service by Google that offers 1GB of email storage. Gmail is currently in its early stages, but when it finally goes mainstream, its gonna blow Hotmail and Yahoo's mail services offline!
Who does a guy have to fuck around here in order to get a Gmail invite!?!
by Qbert August 01, 2004
What everyone else said. However, now it's more of a "everyone has it but it's still in beta." Seriously, everyone has Gmail and they say it's still in beta .. my guess is that it'll never come out of beta. Now everyone has like 50 invitations.
"What's gmail?"
"Ef you."
by Mr. Ryan March 08, 2005
The opposite of email: Gmail is fast, free, spam-free, virus-free, and has an incredible interface. It has, among other things, 1000 mb of storage. Like everything else that is Google, it is simple yet powerful.
Dont email; use gmail!
by cmcfarland September 14, 2004
G mail is where i go downtown on my ladys G spot and send her a message of love one letter at a time wit my tongue
i was feelin kinda horny and wanted my woman to know it so i sent her a G mail and boy id say my message was well recieved and totally made her day
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 07, 2009
A service from Google that is NOT a joke. In fact, yahoo! just increased their e-mail services to store 100 megs on each account just to compete.
I g-mailed an entire album to myself and still had 300 megs of space remaining.
by Dassh June 16, 2004
Mail for G's

The best web based email service, offering over 1 gb of storage space so you don't have to delete you old mail.
I was looking through my Gmail and came upon a nude picture my ex sent me! I so happy, now i can finally blackmail her!
by #1G November 26, 2011
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