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Descriptive of an informative article explination or other text written in the form of a narrative about an exploit or unusual sexual experience; commonly follows the author's train of thought and explains how the author came to be involved in the sexploit and why the author chose to seek it out/rent it/finance it/get flogged by it/get chained to it etc. Because the text usually uses with frequency the personal pronoun 'I' it was coined the i-seek
~Let me give you a sexplination. I absolutely loved it man. It was the first time I had evr done it and I remember driving there with my heart in my mouth. I parked under the light by the back of Waitrose and it was such a different place to how it is during the day. I turned the engine off but left the doors unlocked and waited with baited breath. It only took about five minutes until this total stanger sat next to me and began to.......(censored)~
explanation for walking the dog or dogging adventure
by PrincessAC April 07, 2006
1.The ultimate response to a whatever
2.Whatever the hand cos the face ain't listening
abbr: ne'erwhate'er
If you don't marry me, I wil leave you
Response: Whatever
Response: Neverwhatever

by PrincessAC April 07, 2006
The correct expression of fuck about
Maxwell: Fackabart! I've just found an orgy.
by PrincessAC April 07, 2006
1. transgenederred male

2. a girly bloke or sissy

3. mispelled gmail (see gmail)
1. Oi have you seen that gmale in Oxfam

2. Omg what a gmale

3. I've sent you a gmail
by PrincessAC April 07, 2006
1. Excuse or aplogy for late email
Oh sorry mate but i did gmail you
by PrincessAC April 07, 2006
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