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A system that wasnt upgraded from its debut in 1989 to 1998. Crushed systems that had better technology, more colors on the screen and lit screens. Sole reason: The games. If the Gameboy were to ever die, it would be remembered as what kicked ass in the past. You dont need a powerful console to have a great game made for it.
We got a substitute in class today, so I whipped out my gameboy.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
A game that showed that console fps can compete with fps on pcs. Truely one of the few games that is revolutionary to gaming.
Had a 3 on 1 match last night. I won because I played as Oddjob. Hard to aim at him cause he hovers so low to the ground.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
An email provider that isnt out to piss all over your privacy. Making all other providers cower in fear, and raise their storage space.
My gmail account can hold up to 1gb of emails. Booyah!
by whuh? November 14, 2004
An Isp that never had any quality and still doesnt have any quality built into it. Tends to be used by people that know nothing about computers, but they think using AOL makes them computer literate. The cd spamming of their product they do through the mail is a whole different story. They make great coasters, and are often addressed to dead relatives.
Thats the 12th AOL cd addressed to my dead great grandmother.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
The sequal to Wolfenstein 3D. More nazi killing fun, now with some real 3D graphics. One of the few games that used tru-form. Multiplayer still kicks ass.
After venoming down some officers, I decided to knife some snipers online.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
A book you might have to read in school that shows once again, why focus on grammar and spelling, when we can read about plays. A father that was a bad parent and was trying to realise why his favorite son failed in life. Cheated on his wife, and in the end commited suicide(FINALLY ENDING THE BOOK).
Death of a Salesman shows the flaws in the school curriculum. Grammar is not important. Knowing about plays made in the 1940s is.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
a game that combine rts with a fps stature. Aliens vs Marines(Kharaa (alien) and the TSA (Marines)) in the future. Great hl1 mod, dont understand the bitching about the upgrading or balancing. Its more the map placement of res towers than anything else.
I knifed 2 onos in a row today. Panoolied.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
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