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Gmail is a email Service offered by google. Its currently in its beta stage and is currently offerent about 2.5 Gigabytes (and is still slowly going up.) You must have an invitation from a Gmail user to sign up for Gmail.
I sent you an email with Gmail. (pronounced as G mail)
by GWsux October 20, 2005
5 6
a free - invite only - web service enabling you to never have to delete an email again

romous of plans that gmail will soon upgrade to a 2gig storage space
in order to recive a gmail invite you must know a gmail user
by nom June 23, 2005
6 8
An explicit email service provided by google that is used strictly by Gangsters only! You must be involved in organised crime and gang activity to access this email service.
Yo homie! I sent you a Gmail bout dem drugss we gon' sell
by kangarilla October 17, 2010
0 3
Pronounced as "G G G G G-Mail!" as in how G-unit would say their group name in their tunes, Gets me!
Yo I just gonna check out me "G G G G G-Mail!"

Me "G G G G G-Mail!" account is some1@gmail.com
2 6
a web based email client that has 2 gb of storage so you never have to delete your e mails or the mass amounts of spam you get
guy1-man gmail is so sweeeeet i got 2gb of storage
guy2-yah i have one to i get like 289 spam emails a day
guy1-yah thats sweet i know half of them are viruses cause if opened them and checked
guy2-yah good ol' gmail still better than hotmail
by unanimous121 November 20, 2006
4 9
What the RIAA, MPAA, DoJ, or some other organization will eventually sue or shut down.
Gmail - the newest method of P2P.
by mevyhetal November 14, 2004
14 25
Something that sounded too good to be true and was thus regarded as a joke based on the day it was announced.

Also the second thing that Michael Wyszomierski has had to apologize for online.
I thought it was a joke, but it turned out to be Gmail!
by Michael Wyszomierski April 05, 2004
6 20