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A computer programming reference to any stable program that suddenly becomes unstable, usually through faulty programming.

A partial or complete system crash, resulting in lost data, time, braincells, hair, and tears.

Also, a term to express frustration when this happens. Used as an expletive.

Originally, also meant to slowly grasp a concept through context, but that is now known as glark.
"I was so close to finishing my program, when my computer glorked itself."

"Glork!! It's gone!"
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006
A professional pro-Microsoft troll.
A : Fuck, I just got a Kernel Panick.
glork : LOL. Next time, you should use Windows, you dickhead.

A : Fuck, I just got a Blue Screen of Death.
glork : LOL. Next time, you shouldn't surf on pr0n websites, you dickhead.
by Zeraw07 November 20, 2008
To derive meaning of a word from the context it is used.
I had to glork what my manager was saying when he told me to "stop fjording around and get to workies", but i could only speculate what he was trying to get at.
by Blaine April 08, 2004
A comic book style sound effect. Usually in reference to stuffing more than the space allows in ones mouth or throat.
She attempted to engulfed my manhood with a single swift motion. (Queue comic sound text bubble labeled "Glork!")
by l3igspeck March 20, 2007
an expression of great agitation, usually acompanied with some type of emotional frustration or loss of words; also a imitation of a gutteral sound
"You... you..." Glork! "I can't believe you!"
by MushroomBlack July 16, 2003
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