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Anyone who joins the US Navy Nuclear Power program, only to fail out of the school because they couldn't handle the courseload.

Any nuclear operator who gets disqualified, because of ineptitude, or other deficiencies.
"Hey, have you seen Johnson, around?"
"He's not coming back. He's nukewaste."
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006
To slowly grasp the meaning of a word or concept, based on the situation in which it is used.

An eventual understanding of the way things work, unlike zen, in which a sudden flash of insight occurs.

Glarking a concept is about halfway between being clueless, and grokking it.

Usually pertains to computer programming, formerly glork until coders realized (slowly) that glork meant something else.
"It took me a while to glark what the professor was talking about."
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006
A computer programming reference to any stable program that suddenly becomes unstable, usually through faulty programming.

A partial or complete system crash, resulting in lost data, time, braincells, hair, and tears.

Also, a term to express frustration when this happens. Used as an expletive.

Originally, also meant to slowly grasp a concept through context, but that is now known as glark.
"I was so close to finishing my program, when my computer glorked itself."

"Glork!! It's gone!"
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006
Noun. Used in computer programming to refer to a sudden flash of insight, usually regarding a problem, and how to fix it.

Faster version of glark, and it usually sends one well on their way to grokking something.

A paradigm shift.
"I was this close to giving up, but then I got a zen"
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006

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