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excessively decorated with glitter and shiny objects
The news channel broadcast from a very glitzy set, using flashy graphics.
by paljoey October 01, 2003
a very shinny wonderful thing, object or even a person.
funny, full of life and special.
the person who wrote this is glitzy
by glitzy (aka sarah) April 13, 2006
To shine, a person who loves and lives all things glamouros, an accessory purchased from Glitz Is Bliss
Damn girl that necklace you just copped is hella Glitzy!!! I love it!!
by Lula B. December 24, 2013
a nickname for a very weird and crazy chokri who would never stop laughing........
also asks random questions such as: how do fish communicate!
yo! glitsy wuts up!