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a word you aren't sure exists so you look it up on the internet
what does gleeb mean? Is is even a word?
by RhiD November 18, 2009
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1960's slang for an ishy, nerdy person, the last person anyone would ever want to have sex with.
Does that guy ever clean his ears? There's wax all over his ear-hair. Christ, what a gleeb. nerd, schmuck
by RunningBulldog February 18, 2014
Synonymous with the word "love." The term "gleeb" was originated by Micky Dolenz of the musical group the Monkees and his first wife Samantha in the 1960s.
"Rather than to say that I love you, I will say that I gleeb you."
by LK Fitzgerald January 15, 2007
To be in love
Mickey Dolenz said he was in gleeb with his first wife!
by Gamecock Girl November 14, 2013
A term designed to address Less abled People Behind there back. Formed From a school in the North east For Less abled Bodies called "gleeb school"
Look at him in the wheelchair, What a gleeb.
by Uabmdphd December 31, 2009
When you stick a tube in a dead girls vagina and blow as hard as you can. The stuff that comes out of her nose is called gleeb.
Dude lets go down to the graveyard and get some gleeb.
by garrett ottney June 13, 2008
somebody with a lot of fat on their face and chin which sags looking like a Bassett Hound.
that fat person looks so sad, what a gleeb.
by Gleebo August 10, 2009

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