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A manwhore, pimp, player. Guys that uses girls for sex or the pleasure. They STAY cheating on there girlfriends OR they have TOO many girls on them that they talk to.
Rica - "Girrrl, you know that Andre boy? He is TOO cute!!"
Jasmin - "Nawh, don't talk to him. He just a hound, he gonna play you if you do."
#player #pimp #hoe #whore #sex
by floridagirl94 August 29, 2010
Boys infatuated with an English nympho who leads them on a merry old chase before they get their way with her.
The hounds are loose in Windsor Park; they'll find her soon.
#nympho #boys #hounding #loose #chase
by Windsorgirl September 03, 2010
An annoying person who always talks shit and wont shut up and making rude remarks when you are irrelevant to the situation. Calling someone a hound can tell them that its time to shut up or that they are getting themselves involved in something that they arent a part of. A hound is a dog when it wont shut up.
*comments on something that doesnt involve the person*

Other commenter: man shut up your such a hound
#annoying #chatty #talkative #jerk #bitch
by Johnpown2214 January 26, 2014
1. to persistantly follow

2. a person into what the added suffix idnicates

3. a lecherous and disgusting man
Don't hound me! I can only work so fast.
#boozehound #dirty old man #greyhound #hound dog #the hound
by The Return of Light Joker October 30, 2007
To be amazing at something. Slang for phenom.
"Have you seen that guy play?"
"Yeah ! That dude is a hound"
#hound #phenom #sensation #prodigy #wonder
by The Real Urban Professor February 22, 2012
An old man's testicles.
I just saw a pair of wrinkled hounds!
#testicles #old men #balls #hound #houds
by Julius Langhoff August 30, 2006
cool, really good
The movie inception was hound.
#cool #tight #8-up #hella good #wild
by runningwolf October 12, 2010
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