the term for giving head too a girl
person 1: "man, i'd gitchy her"

person 2: "dude your a gitcher!?"
by lil mama:) March 04, 2010
Top Definition
(adj) to be romantic in a cute manner
Ex. His gift, a compilation cd of their favorite songs, to her was gitchy.
by Fitz Bailey April 17, 2006
Something vintage, retro, and/or cool. Has a unique originality.
That Anne Taintor artwork is gitchy.
by Chesty LaRue April 18, 2005
trendy, with it, cool man
Hey where did you get that suit? From the Bay City Rollers? You're looking gitchy today!
by Len April 25, 2003
Men's underwear; see also: jockey shorts, y-fronts, gotchies.
I'm gonna grab a shower, then change into a fresh pair of gitchies.
by Ceolach March 22, 2007
synonm for "cool", "rad", "spiffy", and "neato"
Man you found $20 on the street? gitchy!
by Jimmy Hoffa August 20, 2003
The latest, "in" thing or fashion.
That suit is really gitchy. Your new video game is gitchy.
by Gare May 02, 2003
Sexually anxious; mildly aroused or turned on
"After all this talk about sex, I'm starting to feel a bit gitchy."
by Faryn Brygo November 12, 2004
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